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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Adopt An Alien

I came across this shop a few months ago! This shop's a little unusual because of the nature of this shop! How often will you think that "humm.. today I am going to adopt an alien!"? However, when I got a chance to look through the ALIENS inside this shop! Each of them looks so tamed and well behaved! These aliens are actually kind of cute and they are truly one-of-a-kind! ^^ They came with different sizes, colors, or should I say "different planets"! LOL The best thing is you will get a "Birth Certificate" of the adopted alien! Wow! That's what I call value-added services! Lindsey will give you alien's birth certificate when you adopt these adorable aliens! That's so awesome! Don't you think? More information please visit this alien shop: adoptanalien.etsy.com Lindsey has another shop selling very cute handmade beads, earrings and dollhouse miniatures: SilverFairyCreations.etsy.com. I have purchased her beads before for my little girls. They love them so much. It's the right size for little girls to put beads together by themselves, and it's sturdy and beautiful! :)


Adopt an Alien said...

Hey, this is so cool. Thank You for writing a blog about my shop. Once I figure out how to use my Blogspot alittle better, I shall return the favor. I will also be headed to your shop again soon.

Taylor said...

haha Those are the cutest, ugliest animals but I love them!

Wendy said...

Those are adorable! My grandfather used to make cool stuff out of found wood burls. He'd do these calligraphy plaques to go with them and invent scientific names and backstories for them. Such creative minds!

Anonymous said...

awsome those rock what r they


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