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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am not a tech person!

After Artfire.com and Etsy.com launching statistics capability by using Google Analytic, I felt like a little overwhelming with all these data! I have been watching all sorts of information how to use Google Analytic. For example, videos from Youtube.com and many others people, so called experts, experts writing about how to use and interpret Google analytic. OLD DAYS: I remember the time when I was studying in college. I always read different journals for different subjects, I read books, magazines, financial times to enhance my knowledge and references in order to finish my papers! After I graduated, I swore to myself no more journals, papers, textbooks to read for the rest of my life! Indeed, I didn't read anything longer than a page for a long long time. NOW: Guess what just happened? I started to read all these different people's writings about how to interpret the statistics collected by Google!!! OMG!!! I broke my words! It has been 2 full days whenever I have time to sit in front of computer, I tried to read more about Google Analytic! Enough is enough, I think I should try to get away from computer and try to create something instead. Otherwise, I think I will go crazy by no time! :) Off to go to have some tea and ice-cream!


One drop at a time... said...

hahaha I've also found myself reading and re-reading stuff about GA. PIsses me off how complicated it gets!!! Isn't it supposed to be making your life easier???? :)

60-60 said...

Exactly, I feel the same way! Everything related to tech is another language to me!


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