Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lauching a new shop in www.ArtFire.com

Allow me to introduce you a new shop I have in ArtFire.com! Artfire.com is a brand new site which is in beta mode right now. It features handmade products, but supplies and vintage products. In Artfire.com I am having the same name "6060" as my shop, just like Etsy. I am still selling craft supplies like plastic eyes, safety eyes, craft eyes, amigurumi eyes, purse frames, teddy bear joints, and related items. It's like a mirror site to Etsy. What different to me between Artfire and Etsy is I have more categories when I list, 1 page listing is great, I don't have to keep pressing "next", and I have statistics in my shop so that I can provide a better marketing strategy when I need to. Although Artfire.com is still brand new and in beta mode, I hope it fiys like Etsy because it's truly is a great site for both buyers and sellers. So far I am loving it!!! ♥ Clara



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