Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WackyJacky - Toys in the Attic

Jacky came to me about 6 months ago asking about big eyes!! That's how I knew about "Toys in the Attic" truly means! She is truly a very talented critters designer. She creates and hand made all these attic monsters by herself. Aren't they all look like the one you have imagined when you were little? lol (Except these may be a lot cuter!!) She also hand painted her eyes to match her critters. Her critters are very unique looking. You can't find there anywhere! All the monsters she made are in very good sizes. With the price she offers in Etsy, these are a must have if you like monsters in your attic! :D Visit Jacky's shops: and


Molli said...

Cute! The furry one with the large teeth is especially adorable. It seems like a lot of fun for Jacky to come up with all the creative little monsters. :)


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