Monday, December 29, 2008

Meeka Sews

I knew Meeka ( for a long long time! At first, she really got me noticed is of her last name, it's similar to my hubby's first name! It's not very usual name, that's why I noticed her! She came to me to purchase some eyes in my store. I got into a habit automatically go to my customer's etsy shop to see their works. I am kinda nosey I admit! :P One day as usual I checked out her shop and found out all these little critters she have been making! They are so cute, so unique! She is not only making critters by sewing them, she also paints! She gave them personalities and they are a bunch of cuties to have in the house to make you smile! In Etsy I always look at other Etsian's work and wonder how talent they are. She is one of them that amazed me! Her works are one-of-a-kind! If you are interested, please check out her etsy shop! More info you can visit her blog!



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My Fav

My Fav
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