Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hand Painted Pearl Eyes - 10.5mm round plastic eyes

In the market, there are not many varieties of 10.5mm commercial eyes that I can provide in my store! Mostly I can find are clear round eyes and solid black eyes, how boring is that? Since I have been painting my pearl eyes, I thought I should give it a try to paint 10.5mm eyes. It's the perfect sizes for medium size critters! OK, off to go the table and start working!! Outcomes: perfect! I love it! :) Bright and lovely! I always like that pearl, shimmering look in these little eyes! Yes, I am crazy!! My hubby always says I am so obsessed with animals plastic eyes! Well.. I don't know why, I like to look at them and think what animals can be created behind these eyes! To me, looking at eyes are like looking at the soul of every creatures on earth! STORY: When I was REAL young, I like to look directly into boy's eyes. If they are deep and looking back at me, I will feel "zipppp", like electric shocks, lol, didn't you have that feelings before? Luckily not many boys at that age would do that! They were so afraid and they just looked somewhere else! What?? Normal? Nah... anyway, that's good, it saved me lots of troubles! Back to NOW: Because I love eyes, now I am selling them! You can find shimmering-looking pearl animal safety eyes in Etsy store and Artfire store!


Wren said...

Those look great! What a perfect size, too!

Cait said...

Painting eyes, what a neat idea! It reminds me of Blythe customization. I'm glad you like Alice too!


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