Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WackyJacky - Toys in the Attic

Jacky came to me about 6 months ago asking about big eyes!! That's how I knew about "Toys in the Attic" truly means! She is truly a very talented critters designer. She creates and hand made all these attic monsters by herself. Aren't they all look like the one you have imagined when you were little? lol (Except these may be a lot cuter!!) She also hand painted her eyes to match her critters. Her critters are very unique looking. You can't find there anywhere! All the monsters she made are in very good sizes. With the price she offers in Etsy, these are a must have if you like monsters in your attic! :D Visit Jacky's shops: and
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hand Painted Pearl Eyes - 10.5mm round plastic eyes

In the market, there are not many varieties of 10.5mm commercial eyes that I can provide in my store! Mostly I can find are clear round eyes and solid black eyes, how boring is that? Since I have been painting my pearl eyes, I thought I should give it a try to paint 10.5mm eyes. It's the perfect sizes for medium size critters! OK, off to go the table and start working!! Outcomes: perfect! I love it! :) Bright and lovely! I always like that pearl, shimmering look in these little eyes! Yes, I am crazy!! My hubby always says I am so obsessed with animals plastic eyes! Well.. I don't know why, I like to look at them and think what animals can be created behind these eyes! To me, looking at eyes are like looking at the soul of every creatures on earth! STORY: When I was REAL young, I like to look directly into boy's eyes. If they are deep and looking back at me, I will feel "zipppp", like electric shocks, lol, didn't you have that feelings before? Luckily not many boys at that age would do that! They were so afraid and they just looked somewhere else! What?? Normal? Nah... anyway, that's good, it saved me lots of troubles! Back to NOW: Because I love eyes, now I am selling them! You can find shimmering-looking pearl animal safety eyes in Etsy store and Artfire store!
Monday, December 29, 2008


AmigurumiParadise is another Etsy shop I am constantly paying attention to! Her's pattern is very unique. Barbara designs her own patterns, that's why you can't find her pattern in any book. I purchased several of her patterns and I can tell you it's well written! Patterns are very clear and easy to follow! She got enough pictures for you to see, so that you won't get lost. Her patterns are also very simple! One more thing is she offers free patterns! If you are a beginner, check out her blog and you will find some very handsome patterns waiting for you to try! This particular pattern is named Garden Sprite! Isn't it cute? You can check out my old blog "A bunch of Amis" to see what I have crochet with AmigurumiParadise's pattern.

Meeka Sews

I knew Meeka ( for a long long time! At first, she really got me noticed is of her last name, it's similar to my hubby's first name! It's not very usual name, that's why I noticed her! She came to me to purchase some eyes in my store. I got into a habit automatically go to my customer's etsy shop to see their works. I am kinda nosey I admit! :P One day as usual I checked out her shop and found out all these little critters she have been making! They are so cute, so unique! She is not only making critters by sewing them, she also paints! She gave them personalities and they are a bunch of cuties to have in the house to make you smile! In Etsy I always look at other Etsian's work and wonder how talent they are. She is one of them that amazed me! Her works are one-of-a-kind! If you are interested, please check out her etsy shop! More info you can visit her blog!
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lauching a new shop in

Allow me to introduce you a new shop I have in! is a brand new site which is in beta mode right now. It features handmade products, but supplies and vintage products. In I am having the same name "6060" as my shop, just like Etsy. I am still selling craft supplies like plastic eyes, safety eyes, craft eyes, amigurumi eyes, purse frames, teddy bear joints, and related items. It's like a mirror site to Etsy. What different to me between Artfire and Etsy is I have more categories when I list, 1 page listing is great, I don't have to keep pressing "next", and I have statistics in my shop so that I can provide a better marketing strategy when I need to. Although is still brand new and in beta mode, I hope it fiys like Etsy because it's truly is a great site for both buyers and sellers. So far I am loving it!!! ♥ Clara


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