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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Installation of Safety Eyes Instruction

Installation of Safety Eyes Instruction
By Clara (6060.etsy.com & 6060eyes.artfire.com)

3/28/2009 updated

Usage of this document:

Do not distribute this document or sell this document by any means. The intention of this document is to show crafters how to install the safety eyes. Thank you.
1. Make sure the eyes are located in the right place; once the washers are in, it is very hard to pull them back out again.
2. If you are using material like fabric, vinyl and leather, enlarge the hole a little by poking a needle (yarn needle/ skewer/ large sewing needle/ knitting needles, etc) through the material first.
1. Place the safety eyes into the holes and check to see if they are in the right place.
2. Once you think they are in the right place, you can start the process of placing washers at the back.
3. This is the back side of the safety eyes.
4. Holding the washer fluted side up, slide it on to the eye post.
(Again, MAKE SURE the eye is in the right place. Once you push the washer to the back of the eye, it will be extremely hard to remove).
5. Apply even pressure with both thumbs to slide the washer down the eye post.
This is the finished look of two 15mm cat eyes placed on my crocheted animal.
If you use the little black safety eyes, installation will be the same as the 15 mm eyes. Remember to MAKE SURE the eye is in the right place. Push the washer fluted side up towards to the back of the eye.
This is the finished look of a 6mm black eye installed as a cat nose!
With all the parts together, my cat finally can see and smell.
I hope this document helps you to understand how to put the eyes on your critters and creations. Thank you and enjoy!
Clara :)
If you need more help because you have arthritis, please click the link above.
I have couple more suggestions for you.

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willynillywaterlily said...

What a wonderful and helpful tutorial! Thank you for sharing!

Sarina Renee said...

See? Those kind of eyes would look much cooler than the button eyes I've been using. lol Mine look creepy when I'm done with them.

Lori Ann said...

I can't wait to get mine! These look so cute.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Looking forward to receiving my eyes so I can finish my little amigurumi project! :D

Paradox said...

Great tutorial! Thanks! <3

taffyyarn said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I can't wait to try them out!

Mrs Embers said...

Thank you! I'm just about to try safety eyes on my sock monsters for the first time, and this tutorial has been very helpful. :)

Eva Mari said...

Received my eyes ( LOL ) today, - they are even purdier IRL! Thank you SO much!
I will indeed have great fun with them!!
Best regards Eva Mari :D

lilmisstypo said...

I am really interested in your eyes ... kinda a mix of them all .. do you have a multi pack of cat/regular and colored one ... My brother does special effects and has been looking for eyes for so long ... Yours are simply amazing

stacey b said...

Just received 21mm cat eyes; they are great! I, and my students, will enjoy using them. Also thanks for the illustrative sequence of shots on eye installation. :-)

tinaj610 said...

Love the 6mm animal eyes I got from you, recieved them very quickly and appriciate that for sure! I learned how to make crocheted animals just this week and I'm addicted...love it!! Placed an order for more eyes in more sizes today. Can't find them in stores around me and am so glad I found you. :)

Neda Dorjath said...

Received my 9mm eyes today - thank you for the very prompt sending. Now I can finish my penguin! Also, thanks for the very clear installation instructions.
Neda Dorjath

Unknown said...

The eyes are great. Thanks for such fast service. And the tutorial was very informative, since this is the first time I have ever used the safety eyes.
Thanks again

Unknown said...

this is so awesome! My first attempt will take place today. I'm glad I found your shop- thanks so much!

Slee said...

I was a little surprised how hard they are to push together,but i am sure i'll build up the necessary hand strength... i think.

Slee said...

woot woot! figured it out!

42 said...

Hi Clara,
Thank you for this tutorial. You are so thoughtful to make this tutorial. I bought some 6mm eyes (safety first!!!) from you tonight and I can't wait to put those eyes on my babies.... lol.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! This information is very helpful. And your etsy shop is fantastic. I just received my first order and I'm so excited to use the eyes for my amigurami projects.

Anonymous said...

What is the lower age limit for using these eyes on a toy--3 years old? 5 years old?


6060 said...

Manufacture stated that safety eyes are not for 3 years old and under. Thanks for asking! =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Clara for sending the plastic noses so quickly! I really appreciate it. And they work beautifully with the amigurumi dogs I've been making, I will definitely come here again! Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Just attached my first pair of safety eyes. Thank you so much! This was really helpful.


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