Monday, March 3, 2008


Willy-Nilly Waterlily tagged Alla, and I am going to add Lily as well!! :) Got to be fair, right? XD This tag is about seven random facts about me. Okay, here u go! Alla 1st 1. I just love my brown boots, they are so cute! 2. I love sunset color cos it matches my hair. 3. My daddy decided "Alla" would suit me very well and turns out it is. I love "Alla" !! (We do too, dad and mom) 4. Lily is my best friend, we spent many nights together before we met daddy and mommy, we talked until we slept, and and then we talked again! 5. Katie and Evie (my sisters) love to touch my hair and change my eyes color, they also love to take away my shoes and put them back on me. 6. I love all the hair clips that mommy bought for me, they are so cute! 7. I hate to go out when it's windy, my hairs go wild and flying crazily around my face! OK, it's Lily's turn 1. Lily is a short form of Lillian, mommy loves that name so much and I like it too, it's like Lily flowers, so pretty. 2. I love flowers, especially the one in our back yard, daddy works very hard to keep them nice. 3. I am afraid of cats but they are everywhere in our backyard~ 4. Alla and I are very talkative little gals, we like to gossip about our bigger sisters, but they are very tender and gentle to us. :) 5. I love green it's so natural, isn't it? 6. Mommy, I want more clothes in my wardrobe!! 7. Don't cut my hair, mommy, I love the fuzziness. (geez.. how did u know I wan to cu.... nothing , nothing... I didn't say anything .. - mommy) Now we got 7 random facts for both girls, we should tag somebody, we didn't know many people enough, so our plan is to know more people first! :) Then we tag! Muhahahaha!


willynillywaterlily said...

Loovee thanks Alla and Lilian for playing along! It's so wonderful to hear more about your beautiful girls! The pictures of them are especially lovely!

Tizzalicious said...

I love their names too!

And their cuuuuuuuuteness!


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