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I am a mom of two. I love amigurumi and colorful yarns. I will try to help you as much as I can if you have questions about plastic safety eyes and noses. Have fun knitting and crocheting!! The HEART behind the Eyes - Clara
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Handpainted Eyes

Handpainted Eyes
Hand Painted Eyes by clara
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hand Painted Pearl Eyes - First time offer

Since I sell safety / plastic eyes in Etsy, I have always fond with pearl color eyes. I think the shiny, shimmer looking eyes do give a soul to the amigurumi I make. It looks more real than ordinary solid color eyes. However, I can't find many pearl colors out there in wholesale or retails, normally I can only find pearl green, pearl gold, and pearl blue. Because I hand-painted the eyes, I can offer many more colors in my store. I am so excited. This is my very first time offer this hand-painted pearl eyes sampler. Colors include Pearl Red, Pearl Copper, Pearl Periwinkle, Pearl Purple and Pearl Forest Green. I offter this set with the other commercial pearl eyes together. I hope you and my customers will like it! :)
Saturday, September 27, 2008

2008 County Fair 嘉年華會

This year County Fair I took some of my amis and also my gray honey bunny to the exhibit contest and my amis has won some prizes. I am so happy! Miss Idea got honor, orange octopus got 2nd prize, and honey bunny got 1st premium prize. I need to work harder so that I will have amis for next year contest! :)
Thursday, September 4, 2008

A bunch of amis

Recently I didn't post a lot of blogs, I am so lazy (1st reason), and I am so into crocheting amis (2nd reason), I couldn't stop!! LOL Now, I am going to post some pictures of what I have been making! :) This is Miss Idea, she is a lightbulb. I got his pattern from amigurumiparadise.etsy.com. The pattern's name is "4 tiny amis". I just love this little lightbulb lady, she is helping me a lot to come up with new ideas! :) The little beauty I used "Caron Simply Soft BRITES" and a pair of 7.5mm clear eyes from my store! They look lovely, right? Now this coffe cup is from the same pattern, although this coffee cup is more like an expresso or dark chocolate, but deep inside, he loves coffee! :P This coffee cup I have used some stash baby yarns which I don't remember the name already, 2 pieces of pink square felt, a heart button and a pair of 7.5 mm beige eyes. This little white horse is from a pattern named "floppy friends" from kristieskids.etsy.com, I love her animal friends, they are so cute! I have made the frog, and this horse, I think I need to crochet more animal, they look so lonely by themselves! :p This horse I have used Red Heart solid white yarn, stash yarn for the mane, and a pair of 12mm pearl blue eyes. What do you think?

Rainbow Hearts

Since I joined Ravelry.com, I have been participated in a lot of SWAP activities. I love them. I can meet people in the country or outside the country. Also, I can receive surprised gifts, I am just as happy as I can be! This time, the SWAP is about "HEART", the theme is just crochet or knit a heart to somebody. I love it. So I have made this chain of hearts to my partners and I hope they will like it!


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