Monday, June 23, 2008

Honey Bunny - 1st knitting project

I used a whole month on and off to knit this "honey bunny". I don't care whether it looks like a bunny or doggie, I love it. It's so cute! I love the fact that I learn so many knitting skills on this project, I am so happy but hubby gives me so many advices to improve the face expression, seriously, I have no idea how it knows so much about animals!! :) Anyway, I finished my first knitting project and very glad about it! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Purple Monkey

I have spent a whole week to make this monkey amigurumi, it's not especially difficult to make, it just took me a long time to make the feet look right. The pattern is in Amigurumi Collection 2. It's written in Japanese. I wasn't understand how to crochet the foot until I asked several friends of mine, they are amigurumi expert, they made amigurumi every few days, they taught me how to do that, thank you for your help, Slimmom, 豬豬太太 and Janice. I made a few mistakes in this monkey, but I couldn't correct it, it was too late, but also I was too lazy to do it, shame on me!!! Anyway, here it is a purple and next time I will do it better! :)
Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ravelry Blythe Swap #2 The things I made

I have made 2 hats, 1 purple color and 1 rainbow colors for SWAP this time. I have used the Cupcake pattern from Michelle and changed the pattern a bit to make the rainbow hat. Thanks Michelle for this fabulous design of cupcake pattern. What do you think? I crochet this dress by using double crochet stitch and same stitches to form shells. I like it so much, it's not the first dress I crochet, but I really like the yarn. I have used Red heart Luster Sheen. It's washable and dryable. It is soft and easy to work with. I really hope that knittygirlie's gal will enjoy it!
Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ravelry Blythe Swap #2

I have joined Raverly for a while, and I found this group called "Knitting for Blythe". People there are so nice, and they always have new style of dresses for Blythe and so many beautiful gals. A month ago, I joined this Blythe Swap, I am so excited about this, it's my first SWAP and I wanted to make it enjoyable. The moment I joined my mind go wild. I have been thinking what kind of dress should I make? or hat? or WHAT? I have no idea. I have tried several yarns, different sizes, different crochet hook sizes, finally I got what I wanted and mailed them out on the deadline. The whole process allowed me to try different things on yarns, skills and patterns and I love it. If there is more Blythe SWAP I will join it again defintely :) These gifts I got from knittygirlie. She created this dust bunny, and she knitted this beautiful purple dress with a cat on it. You can tell how much work would that be! We all love these very much!!! Thanks Knittygirlie.
Monday, June 9, 2008

What the heck is this?

This is another new amigurumi I crochet, pattern is from Amigurumi Collection vol 2. What I have left to crochet is the feet and inner ear pieces. I hope I can finish it today! :) Well.. I am make some mistakes, but I am not going to re-do that part.. arrggggg...

Birthday gift from my hubby!

This year my hubby is very busy with his work, he couldn't find time to buy me a surprise gift, so I have a chance to choose what I want! yeah!!!!! So I go ahead and get this knitting needle holder! It got a lot of compartments and it's very handy around my desk. It big enough that I won't miss it, I always have to find my knitting needles and crochet hooks around my house, how sad, :p and now I don't have to search everywhere, it's right there inside this holder, very convenient, hah? :) This is from from Candice in


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