Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hand Painted Eyes * Frosty Marble *

Oh Boy am I crazy recently? I have been experimenting different colors on hand painted eyes! I love pearl eyes, but plain pearl eyes now just isn't enough!

Old story: When I was in high school, at the time I need to choose what to study! It was many years ago. I like drawing, designs, I have been studying that in school for a few years, it's time to choose a main subject for the future, I wanted to follow my heart to get a diploma in design. However, I couldn't do that, my father told me the reality, the real world about designs, he told me nobody could make a living just doing design, not until a person is totally famous and a person totally famous may be happen 1 every 1000 of people. Result I took different course and listened to my father.

New Story: Since I have worked all these years, never touch my drawing since graduated of high school, then all the sudden, selling eyes in etsy, and all the sudden I started to paint these little eyes! Life is like a circle. Once I start to paint again, I can't stop, I ask myself to do a little more each time and I am loving it!

After these story, aren't we bored yet? So I am showing you these pictures of my newly creations! =) Drumroll please!!!

My new serious "FROSTY MARBLE", these I have to do it in 2 different days because of so many layers I have to paint to create frosty and marble effects, they shimmer too, it's really beautiful!

18mm Frost Marble in Green 12 mm Frosty Marble in Orange, green and black 15mm Frost Marble in Green 18mm Frosty Marble in Bobby blue and Sapphire blue This picture I took it under the direct sun, I really like it! Last one, it's "Eye Heart You" again, with red heart and pearl green!


Baroness Bijoutery said...

I love your eyes...I think it would be cool to mount a whole selection of them and display them on the wall....Who's watching you Now type thing....

BaPsy said...

OMG, I'm stunned! I love your eye creations! You are so talented, Clara! Great to see that you found something new you love to do!

I think I must visit your shop again soon... :)))

♪Tobi♪ said...



CT said...

Love the "Eye Heart You" ones. Interesting placement! - CT

Miss Lady Bug said...

These eyes are great!! I didn't know you made them, I'm goint to see what's new on your etsy by the way ;)

Thanks for the comment, I'm happy that you like my aliens ^__^

Big hug

Vicki said...

I just found your site and bookmarked it. Do you have a pattern for the curly hedgehog/porcupine at the beginning of your slideshow? The caption says "picture from Lucy"

60-60 said...

Hi Vicki,

I don't have that pattern, but I have searched it for you. The pattern is from a paperback called Family Circle Treasury of Dolls and Cuddly Toys by Joy and Family Circle (Sydney, N.S.W.) Hayes. I hope this help. I think this is an old book published in Australia.

willynillywaterlily said...

I love the new frosty eyes! They look even more lively!


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