Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Hand Painted Eyes in my Etsy Store!!

I got inspired in doctor office when I was waiting for my girl to have well-check up! Yes, you didn't read wrong, it's in doctor office, they have so many children books, body pictures and many other things that inspired me to create my hand-painted eyes. This time I have frog/toad eyes, they are 21mm wide!! I also have 24mm pearl yellow and pearl orange eyes. Last one is the 18mm Spin eyes. You know what I was thinking when I was painting these? I was thinking my fan. I can't wait for the summer time to come! It's wet and yucky these days. My hubby looked at these eyes and he spin them in front of me, he was pretending magician to hypnotize me!! It's fun! =)



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My Fav
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