Monday, February 23, 2009

12 mm Hand Painted PEARL Cat / Fish eyes Safety eyes Plastic eyes - 12 PAIRS

Last week finally I found some time that I can paint alone. I love cat eyes, especially the shinny and shimmers one. I also like different colors too, that's why I have these 12 mm cat eyes. What do you think? Check out more eyes ==> 6060
Sunday, February 22, 2009

30mm Comical Eyes for Puppet and Big Soft Toys

New Items in our store! Have you seen big comical eyes? They are cute and funny looking! No, they are not realistic at all, but they will make you smile! Some people, I say some... LOL may think when the plastic eyes are too realistic that it kinds of freaky looking, but you want to make stuffed toys just like everyone else, try these comical eyes. I have 8mm blue, 10mm blue, 30mm blue, 30mm pink and 42mm black in my store. They look like the one you've seen in cartoon! Instead of making stuffed toys look like real, try something different and make your stuff toys look like cartoon characters! =) My store: or
10mm blue comical eyes
30mm comical eyes PINK
30mm Comical Eyes BLUE
Friday, February 20, 2009


I know I know, I just can't stop discovering these great critters that this fellow Etsian made! I love to see how an artist put crochet works into a piece of crochet art! This time I am featuring this artist, her name is Angela, she likes to handmade this big creatures with eyes, many eyes!! If you haven't seen her works before, you can check out the pictures below or go to her etsy shop: She designed all these critters and just crochet it, she never use a pattern! Her works are unqiue, colorful and very creative!
Friday, February 13, 2009

Hand Painted Kawaii Eyes

This week I hand painted some Kawaii Eyes for me and you! =) I love amigurumi, of course I have to save some for myself! Have you watched all these Japanese Kawaii cartoons? I know I have! I am always amazed of how those cartoon producers can draw these little cute critters, especially the eyes, just a few dots more in the pupils and it show the critter emotions by no time! I love those critters, and mostly cartoons! LOL I am inspired by those cartoons and created these adorable cute eyes. These are 12mm eyes, I have used pearl green, pearl white and pearl pink colors on these eyes! I hope you like it! Check out my etsy store:
Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eye Heart You

Last night I created this design on my 21mm eyes! I really like this! I put it up this morning (Sat) and it is sold within a few minutes! I was jumping up and down in the kitchen telling my hubby about that. I know, it's crazy! I haven't been jumping like this for a long time, you know, I am getting old and can't do this very often! LOL
This pair of hand painted eyes are painted with pearl black and pearl red colors, with shimmer effect. Middle part is solid black.
♥♥♥ EYE HEART YOU ♥♥♥ Exclusive creation by Clara
Thoughts - I designed this not just only for Valentine's Day. When we make our soft toys, it's filled with love and hard work. Eyes are always the soul of a critter, I think not only the critter itself can show the love, but also the eyes, it's telling the person who receive the soft toys that the creator is truly putting her/his heart into it. Putting this together is a lot of fun, I hope you will like it! Size: 21mm (inch: 0.83 or 13.23/16) I will paint more of these and put them in my etsy store. I also do custom order. Just send me a message and I will reply asap! =)
Monday, February 2, 2009

12 mm Hand Painted Safety Eyes Zombie Ghost Eyes

Newly Hand-Painted 12mm Zombie eyes are available in my etsy store! These eyes are bigger, good for medium size monster, zombie or ghost-liked amigurumi! Nah... Actually it's good for any project you want! I first of thinking to paint these bigger sizes monster eyes when I tried to make the amigurumi panda! After I tried different colors into the panda, I finally decided to use a pair of hand-painted 9mm instead of 12mm. I think smaller eyes are just better for a panda with a big dark circle around the eyes! It's natural! However, I will crochet more amis in the future by using my hand-painted eyes so that you will see how they look like! I personally think using hand-painted eyes will bring the amis more alive because of the shimmer effects. Have you looked right at the cat eyes? They are shimmering, like pearl, very lovely! Although crochet/ knit animals are for fun, but you do want to put some "soul" and heart into it, that's why eyes are important! If you want to see more amis that I have crochet these last 2 years, please check out my flickr!


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