Sunday, February 22, 2009

30mm Comical Eyes for Puppet and Big Soft Toys

New Items in our store! Have you seen big comical eyes? They are cute and funny looking! No, they are not realistic at all, but they will make you smile! Some people, I say some... LOL may think when the plastic eyes are too realistic that it kinds of freaky looking, but you want to make stuffed toys just like everyone else, try these comical eyes. I have 8mm blue, 10mm blue, 30mm blue, 30mm pink and 42mm black in my store. They look like the one you've seen in cartoon! Instead of making stuffed toys look like real, try something different and make your stuff toys look like cartoon characters! =) My store: or
10mm blue comical eyes
30mm comical eyes PINK
30mm Comical Eyes BLUE



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