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I am a mom of two. I love amigurumi and colorful yarns. I will try to help you as much as I can if you have questions about plastic safety eyes and noses. Have fun knitting and crocheting!! The HEART behind the Eyes - Clara
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Handpainted Eyes

Handpainted Eyes
Hand Painted Eyes by clara
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba

I saw this pattern and really wanted to try it! It's from Soulmom in Crafter.com. I thought it shouldn't be hard to crochet and I am so happy I did it! My daughters wanted this so much but I am going to give this one away and will crochet 2 more for my daughters! Pattern please click here!
Sunday, May 18, 2008

Honey Bunny

Saturday morning I joined a class about knitting animals. I am so glad I have participated that. Before the class I found a pattern from YvonneKnits.etsy.com, her knitting animals patterns are so cute! I got to try. This "Honey Bunny" is a free pattern she gives out, so generous! :) I started this pattern in this knitting class when everybody was doing a simple animal and I was knitting this pattern. I wasn't a great knitter, I didn't knit for almost 20 years I think. I didn't remember the knitting skills at all. The teacher, Karen, she is full of experience and she started knitting when she's 6 years old! Oh My God! :p Anyway, she taught me all these skills back. I was so delighted. Also, I didn't have to take care my kids, it's like a day off for me to enjoy whatever I want! yeah! I didn't have that day off for so long that I couldn't remember the last time I have a half day off! Well.. still.. YEAH! XD Here is the start, I am such a slow knitter! Wish me luck! :)

Spiral Scrubbie

Last night I crochet this new scrubbie by using the pattern here It's created by Judith Prindle. I don't know why but I really like to make cotton yarn scrubbie and use them around the house! It's easy to clean, it can be used in different things, like face scrubbies, kitchen scrubbies, bathroom scrubbies, anything you can think of, it's easy and fun! I am constantly amazed by how other people can create! I love it! :)


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