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Handpainted Eyes
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Accepting Credit Cards

I am happy to tell you that my Etsy store is accepting credit cards now.

I know that many of my customers are forced to use Paypal in the past to get pass the credit card issue. Now you can purchase from my store and check out directly by using credit cards. I hope this will ease the checkout process! 

Happy Shopping! :) 


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pay by Paypal without a Paypal account

A lot of customers asked how to make a payment if they didn't have a Paypal account.  Here I have the picture regarding the 1st step how to use credit card as a payment without a Paypal account.

What you have to do is go through Etsy's checkout process, it will go to this picture screen. As you can see "Choose a way to pay" will automatically key in your email address. Below that you can see "Don't have a Paypal account?". You can click on that, and start to pay by credit card process. The whole transaction is using Paypal as a platform to pay by using your credit card, you have to key in your address and credit card information.  Remember to key in your shipping address carefully because sellers are mostly using that to ship your package to you. 

Good Luck and have fun shopping!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hubby's Big Hat

Man's Hat by 6060eyes
Man's Hat, a photo by 6060eyes on Flickr.
The other day it was extremely cold, and there were only a few snowflakes. My kids were so happy to go out and played those big snowflakes, although there weren't much. My hubby came home from work, happily to go out with them, pulled out a hat that only cover 2/3 of this head, and went out with them.

20 mins later, they all came back, the kids were fine, they dressed well and the water only got them on the jacket. However, my hubby's hair and beard all filled with tiny snowflakes, all wet. I could tell he needed a big hat to cover his ears, beard, at least most of it anyway.

I searched many patterns, I couldn't find one that is big enough. They all catered to head size 20".  It's not my hubby is fat and big, it's because he has a big head, especially long forehead. My friend Gail surprised me with some patterns, but they were not deep enough.  With the limited yarn choice I have in stash, finally I found this pattern from Suzie. I used a size hook "J", pulled out the dark gray yarn I have, and crochet his big hat.

Man's Hat

Suzie's pattern is designed as beanie hat, but my hubby insisted he needed the edge long enough to fold, so here it is, I finished the whole ball of yarn, 30 rows. WOW!! I never crochet a hat that big!
So now he is happy and I am happy! xoxo



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