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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Miss Piggy and Little Ghost

Wow.. I didn't notice I haven't been updated this blog for a long time! What a shame! XP

I actually got some problems in my family that I have to deal with, after that, my energy of writing just not there! My younger daughter got breathing problem and went in and out of the hospital a few times these 2 months. We have been sick worrying about her. In the mean time we are not feeling well too. Fortunately we all feel better and I even have a little time to finish a amigurumi swap! Nice! =)

I haven't been crochet for the last few months and I really want to get back into it. Crochet keeps me SANE! LOL With 2 girls yelling, screaming, dancing, smiling, having fun, destroying the whole house, picking up toys, cooking, selling in Etsy, I am happy that doing crochet is the one that keeps me happy and peace in mind! Don't you have that feeling? LOL

Last few weeks I have joined an amigurumi swap. Each person has to crochet 2 amis. I know my partner like undersea critter, but I am not a very good listener, I chose to crochet Miss Piggy. I like her because personally I think she is cute! I am thinking to crochet more for her later. I have so many projects in mind, geez... 24 hours just not enough! I also crochet a little ghost. I saw that one day in my email from Lion Brand yarn and I thought this could be a little something that she might enjoy! =)

Here is the picture of Miss Piggy and Little guy ghost! Miss Piggy pattern is from AmyGaines.etsy.com, This Ghost Pattern you can find it through Lion Brand Yarn website. The necklace brown bead is from Nspire.etsy.com. Safety Eyes I use 7.5mm clear eyes on little ghost, and 8mm black eyes on Miss Piggy. I think Miss Piggy is about 1 ft long. I hope my partner really like it. Here is the picture of what I have sent to her.


BeyondStitches said...

So glad to hear that you are all doing better now. Miss Piggy is soooo cute! I'm sure your friend will love her! What a nice package you sent her!

http://yaseminkale.blogcu.com/ said...

ooo süper

Unknown said...

I love my amigurumi that you made me. They are sitting on my shelf right now where they are safe from my cats! :)

Thank you so much again!

~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

Miss piggy is sooo cute.. Glad to see you posting..

inci duru said...

Süper yaa!... ellerinize sağlık. :)


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