Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss Lady Kitty

I looked at my last post, it has been 2 weeks and I didn't have any new blog post! What's wrong with me? have been swamped of calculating taxes, preparing all the papers, cleaning up the house and stocks! Oh My God, after doing all that, I am totally exhausted. I am not really good at maths, so I am going back to do what I am good at... crocheting! :P After sending my taxes, I am totally relief, so I decided to enjoy myself a little bit to start making amigurumi again! Here I am having this new gray cat, pattern is from AmyGaines again! My daughter is totally in love with these bunch of animals. You can see I have used 2 different colors of eyes, the pattern called for 9mm cat eyes, but I have my 12mm eyes closer to me when I was trying to do this, so I used 12 mm pearl blue eye and 12 mm pearl yellow eye instead. What do you think? I also used a 13 mm heart shaped nose. I think they fit quite well! =) Since I have seen a real cat with 2 different eye colors, I am totally in love with that and every single cat I have made I want to put different colors of eyes to reflect what I have seen! :P



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