Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Have you seen this side of Potter?

I am a big Harry Potter fans! The first 2 books I read are written in Chinese. Then the 3rd book of Harry Potter I went ahead and read English version, I found that reading the English version is so much better. However, I have a hard time to understand all these English terms and names, so I went back to read the very first book "Soccer Stone" so that I can understand and related all these names. It's a lot better after that. Yes, I am totally addicted!! I can't wait for the movie "the half blood prince" to come out.

Recently I have a customer came to me and get this hand-painted pearl forest green eyes. Then one day she showed me this lovely Beary Potter! I am so amazed and instantly totally in love the bear! Beary Potter is made with love, you can tell, it amazing and stunning!! If you are Harry Potter's fans, you will like this "Beary Potter". This Beary Potter is made by Dawn. You can visit her shop


Michelle said...

I think I'm in love!


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