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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rosie is here!!!

I have been looking for a Mademoiselle Rosebud (MRB) for a long time! However, every single one I saw either was too expensive or they have already been customized. I don't really like all these customization for MRB, I wanted one that's natural and original, even though a 2nd hand doll I would not mind at all. I searched for TIB, Blythe for adoption in flickr group, I just couldn't find one that's what I wanted. Finally a few days ago I saw a photo of MRB in flickr group the owner said she wanted to send her to a good home. I at once sent a message to the owner and asked. Oh My God, pricing was within my range, blythe was fully stock, clothes wasn't fully stock but at that point, my gut told me " go for it, that's the one you wanted all this time " . I made a payment instantly and hoped for the best! This seller I bought MRB from was pipercat99, she was such a nice person, we chatted back and forth since I adopted her MRB. She is the nicest, kindest person I ever met online these days. We chatted so much it's just naturally becomes friends. I love that!!!! Since I have Blythe, I have doubted myself whether I could bond with these cutie gals, I have tried my best with MM and EP, however, with MRB, everything is just so natural! Love grows within myself to her! It's just a weird feeling! :) I am so happy that I got her, thanks pipercat99!!!


Tizzalicious said...

Your new girl is gorgeous!

willynillywaterlily said...

Your Rosie is just gorgeous! I have a MRB, too, but she's still in hiding. Don't they have have the prettiest face coloring and hair? Congratulations on your new edition!


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