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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Alla and her new hat

I made this purple hate for Alla when Evie and Katie were taking a nap. The hat is a little plain and simple, I think I need to add a flower on it, or at least something!! Well.. when the time I finished this hat, it was time to cook dinner and woke up my angels, there fore I couldn't do anything with it yet. Evie is getting jealous of me playing Blythe dolls and not playing her Barbie dolls with her. She saw Alla's hat and said " Mommy, I want one too". I said "Ok, I will make one for you Barbie", then she is satisfied. :) The very first day I got my dolls, these are the conversations I had with Evie Me: Look! I got new dolls. Evie: Mommy, let me see (usually means she want to hold it) Me: Evie, you got to be careful, these are expensive, you can't play with it, it's not for you to play. Evie: but Mommy why? Me: These are for mommy, not for you, you got your Barbie dolls. Evie: I share my Barbie dolls with you. You got to share, mommy! (it's a payback for me cos we have been telling her to share her toys with Katie) Me: Evie, I can't share this with you, it's really expensive. Evie: why not? I share my toys with you, you share yours with me. (OUCH) Me: Ok, you can pull the string here, okok, not too hard here, be careful.... ......


Colleen @ Mommy Panda said...

Oh, I could so see that conversation happening. I imagine I will have a similar talk with my daughter (when I have kids, lol) one day about my My Little Pony figures.

"But Mommy, why can't I play?"
"Those ponies are older than you are baby, you have to be careful with them!"


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