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I am a mom of two. I love amigurumi and colorful yarns. I will try to help you as much as I can if you have questions about plastic safety eyes and noses. Have fun knitting and crocheting!! The HEART behind the Eyes - Clara
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Handpainted Eyes
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Garden - Oct 2007, Autumn

秋天終於都來臨了, 天氣由焱熱的95F一下子去到80F, 樹的顏色都轉了, 由綠色變成橙黃色, 有些已變成紅色了. 樹的顏色的轉變並不只是大人才知道, 大B在車上看見了平常常見的樹都顏色都變了, 不停的呱呱叫, 不停的說很漂亮! 而我的花園都開始有秋天的氣色, 黃黃的葉落在地上, 這幾天我們都有出花園不停的掃葉子, 但每天早上起來樹葉又再一樣的一大堆! 而我的蔬果也在慢慢地凋謝, 難得的還有一些cherry tomatoes和沙律葉! 而圖中看到的egg plant我會在這幾天也摘下來吃, 希望煮出來的味道還可以啦!

Monday, October 15, 2007


我呢排密密鈎, 好努力完成幾條頸巾, 就放咗係呢到http://6060.etsy.com到賣, 其實都唔係乜野商店, 但係又諗唔到乜野名, 就是旦改個名, 睇下有無人買我既頸巾了! 其實我都開咗幾日, 但係睇既人唔係好多, 買既一單都未發市 但係都叫做攞個經驗, 因為呢D放上網到賣, 我以前都未試過, 不過呢個網站ETSY推廣為handmade貨品, 如果大家有興趣都可以試下, 佢收費好簡單, 每個貨品$0.20 cents (美金), 跟住如果你賣成一單貨品就係賣價既3.5%, 平過ebay, 不過呢你要有online banking, credit card, 同埋paypal 呢D戶口, 先至方便到你囉! 我見好多其它國家既賣家都係到開鋪, 大家手藝咁叻, 又有時間既話不仿試下!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Got to get myself together!

I haven't written on this blog for a long time! The last one was in May! Shame of me! Well.. I am busy! An universal excuse! ha! Yesterday finally I opened an online store, well.. kind of, is in www.etsy.com, what am I selling? It's neck cozy! I just started to make some of my kids and I thought, what the heck, why can't I make some for other people! My hubby kept telling me not to make too many, he's afraid I can't sell it and then we end up too COZY at home! :) However, I am glad I did it, and one good thing is the etsy.com won't charge too much to allow me to sell stuff! Yeah! Here I am doing something I haven't tried before and I am so excited! Hopefully I will sell some scarfs and let the other people feel my love of crocheting too! Today my hubby worked outside all day! He was trying to build an outside cabinet for his gardening tools! He's working very hard! That's why I cook something delicious for him, like banana bread! I make banana bread for a long time and we love it! Recipe is from here. The recipe is so easy to make, not complicated at all, that's why I keep using it once after once, never tire of it! I just looked at my other blog, I cooked exactly same things tonight, tuna casserole and banana bread! humm.. I am so lazy to think of something else! :)


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