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I am a mom of two. I love amigurumi and colorful yarns. I will try to help you as much as I can if you have questions about plastic safety eyes and noses. Have fun knitting and crocheting!! The HEART behind the Eyes - Clara
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Handpainted Eyes

Handpainted Eyes
Hand Painted Eyes by clara
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

PinCushion Swap with a tea cup or a canning jar

A month ago I joined PinCushion swap. This swap is about creating a heaven land for the swap partner by using old tea cup/ jar or other container. My partner like jar and I like tea cup. Yesterday I finally got my tea cup pin cushion. It's so lovely and the more I looked at it the more I found out in that tiny little tea cup, it's so detailing. I couldn't believe it. I think that's why handmade is so popular nowadays, you just can't find commercial item that is created by someone with heart, love and with so much personalities. Corey's created this pincushion with so much on it, the house, the sea dragon, the door, roof, tree, everything is so details, it's unbelievable. It's like a little paradise for me. I love how colorful it is for my little paradise. It's perfect! :) Now it's sitting in my dining room! I love to look at it every time I walk by. Thanks Corey!!! xoxo OK, I know, mine is too simple, I think I am just ran out of energy and juice to create something like Corey's, however, I did try, that's important RIGHT?!?! I found this canning jar in Target, I have walked into so many stores and couldn't find any. I was so fed up and was thinking what was I going to do and then one day I walked in Target kitchen/app dept and there it was sitting in the lower shelf quietly. I was so happy. I found and followed instructions from Suzanne's tutorial. It's very helpful since I haven't made anything like this before. The hardest part wasn't to wrap the cushion on the jar, but actually embroidery the house on the cushion part. It's the cushion wasn't flat, I was having a very hard time to stable the house and put stitches around it at the same time. Again, I just knew I never be a embroidery person, never will..... Yes, the top part is done! Now the empty jar wouldn't look good no matter what, so I put many things in it, including safety eyes (of course, who wouldn't know??), ribbons, buttons, sequins, and lace. I was so satisfied when I finished. Yeah.. I used 1 month to think how could I put together like this. I know I know, I am getting old... haha! By the time I have this blog, Corey already told me she loved the jar!! OK, Corey, thanks for loving it! lol (don't tell me the truth here, I can't handle it!) :P
Monday, June 7, 2010

Glittering eyes

These days I haven't been posting anything in my blog, flickr, or other places online. I think after 2 years of doing that, I felt a little tired of it. The other word, I am getting old! haha

This half year we have going through serious events one after the other, like add-on to the house (yeah, we finally did it), buying furniture and waiting 4 months of them, still don't have the dining room table. My daughter suddenly have to have dental treatments on her teeth, 2nd daughter having breathing problem, etc etc... It's very exhausted to run an online store, but even more exhausted to be a mother. I don't remember my mom used to be this way, but I guess she did and I just wasn't realized how big of a job she has done in the past! Mom I love you!

Last 2 weekends I have to finish a pincushion swap, I wanted to do something special for my swap partner. So I did these glittering eyes. I will post the pincushion swap in next blog! I promise I will do that! lol ! At first I didn't have high hope in it because I never use this kind of paint before, turn out that I just have to be patient and did couple coats, turned out it's just beautiful, don't you think? I decided I will make more and put it in my etsy shop. For now, these are going to someone special! :)


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