Monday, October 20, 2008

Little Brown Chick (better picture - re-blog)

This little brown chick is going to be a swap in Before I crochet anything, I have this idea of making something that will fit into fall decorations! At first I wanted to crochet a bird, but then I realize it's not as easy as I thought since I crochet it without any pattern. I started this amigurumi with magic ring and then when I felt enough height of the body I stopped and added the eyes, mouth and wings. This is the first critter that I haven't follow any pattern! Hurrah for me! :) I am not a very creative person, so I always follow pattern. Now since I have crochet this little lovely birdie, I have more confident to crochet something else!! This is the front of the chick The side of the chick, she is looking at you! This is the back and tail of the brown chick, I used the yarn sew from the middle of the bottom through the back and loop back to the bottom again, tied 2 knots and then went through the head of the chick, tied another 2 knots to form hair, that's why she got 2 pieces of hair sticking out of her head! :)


Lucy said...

He looks gorgeous Clara - congratulations!!

Cheers Lucy


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