Monday, February 2, 2009

12 mm Hand Painted Safety Eyes Zombie Ghost Eyes

Newly Hand-Painted 12mm Zombie eyes are available in my etsy store! These eyes are bigger, good for medium size monster, zombie or ghost-liked amigurumi! Nah... Actually it's good for any project you want! I first of thinking to paint these bigger sizes monster eyes when I tried to make the amigurumi panda! After I tried different colors into the panda, I finally decided to use a pair of hand-painted 9mm instead of 12mm. I think smaller eyes are just better for a panda with a big dark circle around the eyes! It's natural! However, I will crochet more amis in the future by using my hand-painted eyes so that you will see how they look like! I personally think using hand-painted eyes will bring the amis more alive because of the shimmer effects. Have you looked right at the cat eyes? They are shimmering, like pearl, very lovely! Although crochet/ knit animals are for fun, but you do want to put some "soul" and heart into it, that's why eyes are important! If you want to see more amis that I have crochet these last 2 years, please check out my flickr!


Unknown said...

Lovely zombie eyes. :) I always like your flawless work and photos!


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