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Handpainted Eyes
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wire Headband for my Blythe

I read willynillywaterlily's blog about making a headband by using beads and wire. I really like to make one for my Lily too, but I know nothing about bending wire or working with wire. :D So I went to the store and got crafty wire, it didn't say what gauge it was, I just got it and thought it would be alright. However, it wasn't strong enough to hold the headband down on Lily's head. Then I went to the hardware dept and got myself some thick wire, my hubby said if I couldn't use it, he could (good to know). Thus I got this 20-22 gauge wire and it worked, it bended and stayed on Lily's head. I was happy. :) Because of this little project, it got me interested in the wire beading a little more, therefore, without reading anything, I made more headbands with more beads, well .. at the end I didn't know how to end the wire, so I just made a little loop and called it the end. I went to the library and borrowed a book about wire beading and hopefully I will learn more about this. So far, the headbands weren't too pretty, but I did try.. haha.. I hope I will make more prettier headband in the future for Alla and Lily. :)


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